Samstag, 6. Februar 2010


Hello again! Lots of great things happens in the real world...but be happy, you can check them out in the www...and yes, it is all about new musik:

Our friends from Lara Korona & Johnny Futuro have a Split 12" to came soon! Both have new songs up on myspace too. Have fun!

...we go one w/ the kids from Dipps...the band w/out name have a brand new tape out on life is not like dawson's creek Rec. .. you need to check them out...awwwwesome stuff...and buy the's sooooo great!

Now we go to K-M-S a.k.a. Chemnitz (Statt der Moderne)...

Our dearest friends in Billionaire Versus Bear release the CD "Translocations" on the 12. of February. You can listen to some of the new songs on myspace or BvB is sooooo catchy, soooo sweet, soooooo pure...we are still in love!

...we stay in Camtz...OF QUIET WALLS have new songs up too. After 1oo Years in the studio, two roughmixes of songs are up on their myspace.

Back to Dresden, other bands we are friends with are back from the Studio and new Musik will be available soon...Julith Krishun and Equality. Check them out!

............and we in dIESTAHLMACHINE ??? Nothing new...we are still writing new the way...our Organ is is a pic from the funeral party yesterday...R.I.P. Brother Louie!


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