Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010


Hey Friends! Hope you are fine! Thanx to the kids in Sadisdorf for the copie of our two shows at the ProJugend Dippoldiswalde in 2oo8 and 2oo9. A really bad copie of the show can be found in this post and in the videoarea at myspace. The Audiopart of the 2oo8 show has been released as STAHL II in March 2oo9...and yes, you may notice ... or not ... the setlist and songs are different to the video. this is becouse the liveshow was the last chanse to record all the songs before Stephan leave the drums and we didn't really want a live record, but it was not possible to hit the studio bach than. Yes yes, lots of time passed and Christian, Rene and Willi leave the band too ... so this show was the last one in the old lineup.
The show in 2oo9 was the comeback in the new lineup w/ only one hand full of finished songs. But we love it, and for us this is the way dIESTAHLMACHINE should sound like. We really hope you like it too. Give some feedback, that would be awesome!

Audiofiles dOWNLOAD

1. Neonblack Laserflash
2. Agoraphobic Notes
3. 17'N'fEAR
4. Popper
5. Fun ist ein Stahlbad

Have fun w/ the stuff! The show from 2008 can be found on myspace, but there are some problems w/ the uploade we have to fix ... some songs are missed! A DVDr will come in a really smale run of copies. In much better quality!!! incl. both shows // w/ audio CDr incl. STAHL II and maybe a better EQ edit of the sTAHL dIPPS Part ... aLL dIY mADE!!!


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