Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010


Hey Friends! After all the funny stuff to something really serious. It may be funny for the kids in the today's view but it wasn't in any point. This is one huge influence to the musik of dIESTAHLMACHINE, in the background of our songs and lyrix, something you may not hear in the first moment ... or the second or third. There or lots of things like this, in the range of our musik - youth- and sub-cuture of the last 60 years in the first. - that give us inspiration and the motivation to create our tunes. Things like the ban by law of beatmusik in the GDR, to "save" the young is a fact, I can't understand and support in any way. But yeah, they like to ban things in the GDR ... a fact I don't want to talk about in this post ... maybe later ...
So here we go ... it is Erich Honecker ... his position in the GDR Direction was "Generalsekretär des Zentralkomitees der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands, Vorsitzender des Staatsrates der Deutschen Demokratischen Republick"...which means Asshole #1. We have some foodage from a speech in the 1970's about Beatmusik. It is also about the Radiostation DT64 and they play "Westmusik". My perents have lots of tapes, recording the program ... yes it was a hot radiostation. You can find lots of informations in the WWW just do it, it's worth!

Reflect it! Thats the most importent thing at all!

Have a nice Sunday and sorry for the bad bad english, pol + dIESTAHLMACHINE

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