Montag, 24. Mai 2010


Hey! hope you are fine! The recording session is nearly finished. Jonas just has to add some vocals. The sound quality is great, all tracks have been recorded live, no overdubs, no metronome. Our friend Tobias "Knuspi" Schuster will do mixing and mastering. The Kids at Leipzig's Mini-Studio Das Laboratorium will do the mix and master of the song "G O L D" , which will be the first Single (on Tape). We recorded nine songs, and will release some of them on different Splitrecords and nearly all of them will be available on a full legnth Record (vinyl would be kewl!) in autumn.
There will be Split-Records w/ Gjiin Hynarr, Empire Club and one more kewl band (this will be a special one ... but a secret for now).

If there are some updates you will find them on this Blog, or check our Myspace.

We're planning to do some nice concerts ... please get in touch with us. We try to play as much shows as possible ... everywhere! Drop us a line on Myspace or diestahlmachine|@|web|dot|de. we just need some money for the gas, and a place to sleep, if it is too far to drive home after the show. (We need some extramoney, if we have to charter a Van ... ohhh ... and fooood ... and beer) ... but in the end, we can also get along with doordeals!

best wishes,


oh ... a song for you | POPPER | have a nice week

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