Dienstag, 24. November 2009

24 nOV 2k9

Hey Friends! No big update for the moment! We still practis and write new songs. There will be one COMEBACK SHOW in Dezember...nothing is fixed but we are looking forward to play one short set.

About the new Songs...our sound change a bit...the new lineup is great, everything is a bit darker but sweet in the same way. We kick out the HC parts, add Trashmetal and poppy moments...more DOOOOOM and slow noise action! Falk call it Progressive Punk...

Here is one Rehearsalrecording for you. AGORAPHOBIC NOTES was the first Song we have written w/ Falk in July.
The song is our Comeback Song and I think the lyrix explained themselves.

"Endlich zurück!
Wie beschissen war die Zeit ohne euch.
Ungewissheit, ob es weiter geht.
Pure Zernichtung!
Endlich zurück!
Punkrock in Kellerlöchern!
It feel sooo good to be home!"



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