Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

29 jUL 2k9

"Das Besetzungs Karussell dreht sich"

Hey Friend's, Fan's and Hater's!
Our dearest friend Rene...bassplayer since years have to call it quit w/ the band! he finish his pariot of training and leave germany in december to spend one year down under. good luck friend, we will miss you!
The new member of RoberGünther, diestahlmachine is Jonas! He once played w/ Daniel in the band Damned Furnitures, later he rock around w/ Mule and is also a member of our best friends in Petra.
This new lineup will give us space for more experiments all around the musik. But we hope that this will be the last change in the band lineup for a long time!
We still rehearsal some songs, but nothing is finished jet. A Demo sould be recorded in the end of August...we are really locking forword for this!

We also lock forward to record the new GOMOORA Full Lenght soooonish! It will be the essence from ten years of GOMOORA!

Sorry for the bad bad english!

enjoy the summer,
Pol and diestahlmachine

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